• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you write “In/Fertility” ?

    Some individuals on their Family Building Journey do not fit the “infertility” label. For example, they are using Assisted Reproductive Technology (A.R.T.) within a same-sex family, solo parenting by choice, or have a condition that makes A.R.T. medically necessary. Additionally, I assist those who may have resolved their family building, but continue to struggle with issues that arise as a result of fertility challenges in the past. For example, anxiety during pregnancy after infertility or pregnancy loss.

    Do you only see In/Fertility clients?

    No. I have experience and qualifications to serve those with varying life and mental health challenges. I have a focus of In/Fertility counseling and family building because there are few places in the mental health community, where this group can call their own. This is your space.

    Do I have to be in IVF treatment or any other A.R.T. to see you?

    No. The family building journey is long with many delays, twists, and turns. You are welcome during any part of your journey.

    Do you work with couples?

    Yes. In/Fertility affects the couple and often creates stress on the relationship. I support couples in the context of In/Fertility only. If you require general Couple’s Therapy, I can help find you someone who specializes in this field.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    I require 24-hours notice to cancel, otherwise you are responsible for paying the full private fee.

    Where is your office located?

    All sessions are held online via a secure platform.

    I have never been to therapy before. What is it like?

    Therapy is such a unique space, because for an hour block, the time is yours to process all the deep and hidden parts of yourself.

    If we work together, this is what you can expect:

    • A safe and confidential space to say whatever is on your mind without fear of being judged. (There are a few exceptions on confidential situations that involve safety and we will discuss during our first session.)
    • Explore what’s weighing on your heart. Process past events, fears about the future, and practice ways to find connection to the present.
    • Strategies to do more of the things that are serving you and decrease the things that are not contributing to your ultimate goals.

    What do we talk about in session?

    We can talk about whatever feels right to you, some examples are:

    • Discuss any mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, panic feelings).
    • Relationship challenges, whether it is with your partner or friends.
    • Treatment options you want to pursue (or not pursue).
    • Dealing with family and friends.
    • Ways to stay connected to your partner.
    • Grief after a loss, bad news, or a setback.
    • Other ways to expand your family or live child-free.
    • How fertility challenges have affected your self-esteem and identity.
    • How to regain your sense of who you are and the kind of life you want to live.